Best Coconut Oil Hair Masks

When it comes to hair there is only one ingredient that everyone agrees on and that is coconut oil. There is no doubt that hair masks have taken over conditioners and more so those that are labeled as coconut oil hair products. But not all coconut oil hair products are suitable so here is a list of the best coconut oil hair masks to keep your hair totally moisturized and full of life.

Best coconut oil hair masks

  1. St. Tropica. This is referred to as the ultimate coconut oil hair mask.. the makers of this product that is also defined as a hair powerhouse have combined a high quality selection of raw and unrefined super hair foods. This means that your hair gets all the nutrients as they ar. The mask does away with frizzy or split ends; it will of course add moisture and give your hair some good old volume. What is the mode of use for best results? Use the mask atleast once a week and your hair will thank you for that.
  2. Pure Body Naturals  Coconut Oil Hair Mask. This is the coconut oil hair mask for that woman who is always in a hurry but does not want to make a mess. Yes we all know at time how the traditional coconut oil can flow down to wherever it pleases making you all shiny. And dust prone. The Pure Body Naturals mask can be applied on both wet and dry hair. It has been formulated to be thick and easy to apply. Some of the ingredients in the mask are none other than Moroccan Shea butter which stimulates hair growth, does away with split ends and premature grey hair.
  3. First botany Coconut Oil Hair Mask.  This is the mask you will find in most salons. Well it is an intense repair kind of mask and it is only right that it is used where hair goes to be treated.  This deep conditioning mask instantly softens and moisturizes the hair on application. This ensures that your hair is not only elastic but also manageable.  This is the mask for all types of hair that have gone through abuse either by being mishandled or the environment they are exposed to.
  4. Natural Organic Hair Mask. This for all those who call themselves natural to the core. You can make one for yourself at home. All you will need are two table spoons of coconut oil, a tablespoon of honey and also apple vinegar. The amount of course depends on the volume of your hair but as you can see the ratio is 2:1:1. You can heat up the coconut oil and add the other two ingredients, mix them up let it cool and then apply on your hair. Let it settle and of course the longer the better. Then rinse.

It is important to note that coconut oil is not for everybody. Your hair might respond positively or negatively. You should also apply it in moderation.